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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

a plan in development

I got a bloggy mood on thanks to Kenlie's FMM! So I thought I'd come back and talk about what's been going on in my little world.

I am still trying to eat more consciously, and part of that is making the habit to come home and eat supper, without stopping for something on the way, and without going out for something later. What that means at my house is making it easy...and something worth coming home for. In a word: pizza! We've discovered $5 pizzas at the deli section in our Superstore. It's 12 inches, and we share it, and part of the deal is having a bowl of salad with it as well (or while it's cooking if you're me!). We always drink water, we only have soda if it comes with a super-sized meal, so there's none of that in the house. And, to avoid going out later, we purchased bulk chocolates and split them up for the week to eat. It's a fair bit for me right now-130 grams or so a day, but I'm planning on making it a smaller amount every time we go...and I don't need to eat them all in one go, either!

It sounds counter intuitive to what I've learned over the last year-eating pizza and having chocolate, but the point right now is to make it a habit to come home and prepare a meal and eat it without feeling deprived and going out for more later. I hope it helps DH, but I can't change his habits, I can only change mine. This plan works for both of us right now, and we've been really good at eating healthy breakfasts and lunches, so dinner is our problem.

I also got a part-time job to help out with the money thing. It's a billing clerk position, 3x a week and it is going to help out a lot. I start tonight, and I'm going in with the hope that I actually like the job and want to risk sleep deprivation on a regular basis to go!

DH and I have enjoyed our long weekend together, we both have been off since Friday and, with the exception being that I work tonight, we go back tomorrow. I've been doing cover off the last week, and Tuesday and Wednesday are my last 2 days there. I'll be glad to go back to MY job, but it's not been a terrible experience, and I learned more about myself than I expected, and that's always a bonus.

That's about it, I guess. I start this job tonight, and I plan to go in positively, well rested, and optimistic.

Have a terrific day!